Tickets to science travel; Charukesi Ramadurai; Livemint

India – The Jantar Mantar, Jaipur

The Lounge guide to immersive museums that explain everything from evolution to astrotourism.

Natural History Museum, London

What: If there is a first among equals in the science museum space, then this is it. The Natural History Museum may be most famous for its dinosaur exhibits—indeed, till recently, the massive skeleton of the Diplodocus, affectionately called Dippy, would greet visitors—but the other collections are as absorbing and eclectic. From fossils to fish, from human evolution to volcanic activity, there is something for every kind of interest.

The Darwin Centre allows a peek into ongoing research at the museum, as well as an opportunity to quiz scientists on their work. This wing, a giant eight-storeyed blob—known as the Cocoon—houses millions of species of rare flora and fauna, including specimens brought back by Charles Darwin himself from the historic Beagle voyage (1831-36).

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