10 fascinating facts about Europe’s last colony in Asia – and the most crowded place on Earth; Chris Leadbeater; Telegraph

China – Historic Centre of Macao

When is a part of China not part of China? When it is Macau, and it is an autonomous territory which sits on the south coast of the Far East’s superpower, jogging along by its own rules and regulations (sort of), and spinning about to the whirl of the roulette wheel.

Why mention this now? Because today marks a landmark anniversary in the story of this coastal sliver – a precise 30 years since it stopped being one thing and started down the road towards becoming another. Who, where, what, why, whom? All is revealed below…

1. It was the last European colony in Asia

Today is a significant date in Macau, because it marks an exact three decades since it began to slip off its European overcoat and throw on something more fetchingly Asian.

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