9 of the world’s most amazing hiking trails; SilverKris

New Zealand – Tongariro National Park

One of the best ways to explore nature and immerse in an unrivalled visual smorgasbord of landscapes is through hiking. Here are some treks – from the shortest to the longest – that we think you should traverse at least once in this lifetime.  

Pulpit Rock, Norway – 8km

Dangle your feet over a 640m-high sheer precipice – if you dare – and admire the stunning and unobstructed view of Lysefjord from Pulpit Rock. To get to that surreal lookout point, a climb totalling 8km at an elevation gain of 330m must first be overcome. The hilly route – along boardwalks and clambering over granite boulders – is well-trodden and maintained.

Tongariro Northern Circuit, New Zealand – 43km

Set in a dual UNESCO World Heritage site, this spectacular 43km hike will take you from alpine herb fields and forests to emerald lakes and desert-like plateaux over the course of four days.

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