Locals say they’re being overlooked for jobs at Mistaken Point site; Geoff Bartlett; CBC News

Canada – Mistaken Point

Petition launched demanding provincial government do more to ensure locals are considered for work.

People who live near Mistaken Point on the southeast Avalon say locals are not being called for interviews to work at the newly designated UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Mistaken Point was named a World Heritage Site last July for being home to the oldest-known evidence of Earth’s first large, complex, multicellular life forms — a 565-million-year-old sea floor that holds a collection of fossils known as the Ediacaran biota.

Now, residents who live in Trepassey and other nearby communities are signing a petition in hopes the provincial government will do more to make sure locals are hired for positions at the site — which they say hasn’t been happening.

“This petition was started through frustration, and to be honest this frustration started last spring,” said Charlene Power of Trepassey, who launched the petition.

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