Kathmandu, a hub of culture; Usha Wagle Gautam; Gulf Times

Nepal – Kathmandu Valley

Nepall is a landlocked Himalayan country sandwiched between two Asian giants – China and India – and is in the constant backdrop of Himalayas with a vast and humid Gangetic plain on the south. In between the two, there are lush valleys, subterranean gorges, canopies, sloped passes and perennial rivers.
Kathmandu is the capital and the largest city of Nepal. It also hosts the headquarters of South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation (Saarc). The city is spread over 50 sq km and accommodates a population of over a million. Legend says Kathmandu Valley was born after yogi Manjushree opened a channel with his sword to drain the water of the lake.
There is much to see in Kathmandu, from the sacred Pashupatinath on the bank of the holy Bagmati River, stupas and the time-honoured Durbar Squares.

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