A look into Syria’s past: Stunning photographs before the civil war and IS carnage; Daily Express

Syria – Ancient City of Aleppo

A THOUGHT-PROVOKING series of images by a British photographer have been released showing what Syria was like just before its six-year civil war broke out.

The stunning collection of photographs shows Aleppo’s citadel which is now in ruins, the destroyed Roman Theatre and ancient tetrapylon historical ruins of Palmyra and the stunning Unesco world heritage site of the Umayyad mosque, Aleppo which was built between the 8th and 13th centuries.

Other pictures show a couple of carefree boys having a water fight in the street, people relaxing in Aleppo’s juice bars and traffic in Homs going by.

The spectacular shots were taken by photographer, Dan Bernard on a visit to in 2010. Mr Bernard used a Nikon D300 to capture his pictures.

“Syria before the conflict had always intrigued me as a great location for raw un-pretentious landscape photography. ” said Mr Bernard.

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