New Zealand

New Zealand Islands You’ve Never Heard of You Should Explore; Otts World

New Zealand – New Zealand Sub-Antarctic Islands

I love traveling to places that are lesser known, but spectacular. It makes me feel like I’ve found this great little secret. New Zealand of course is well known, but the New Zealand islands are not, and that’s exactly why they should be on your New Zealand itinerary. The Subantarctic Islands, aren’t really a secret to Australians and New Zealanders, because they’re in their backyard. However to many other people, specifically North Americans, you’ve probably never heard of these island groups that lie in the Southern Ocean…until now.

The discovery of most of these islands occurred in the early 1800’s. Whalers and sealers set up temporary bases, the islands becoming one of the principal sealing stations in the Pacific in the years immediately after their discovery. The wildlife was nearly decimated during that time.

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