10 Fantastic Places You Need to Visit In Asia (And Why)!; Yaya & Lloyd; Hand Luggage Only

Sri Lanka – Sacred City of Kandy

I never went backpacking through Asia. This was probably due to a lot of reasons but if I’m truly honest, the most important one was probably because the thought of backpacking through Asia just never even crossed my mind.

Thing is though, I still always wanted to see a lot of Asia and so when I did, I did it fairly different. The first time I ‘visited’ Asia was actually when I moved to live there. I was doing a research project with Cambridge University in Singapore as part of my dissertation and made Singapore my home for the best part of 6 months.

The way I then ‘did Asia’ was picking out a specific destination (a city, a town, a village, a resort area – it didn’t matter) and using that as my excuse to see that area.

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