Guide to Bergen: A World Heritage City in Norway; Jeng Teng; Tripzilla


Visit Bergen, an old Viking settlement-turned-World Heritage City, and explore attractions like Bryggen, Mount Fløyen, Lille Lungegårdsvann and more.

To be honest, I knew very little about Norway, let alone Bergen which is the country’s second-largest city, before I travelled there. I didn’t know it was an old Viking settlement turned World Heritage City, and surrounded by the beautiful Norwegian Fjords.

While most cities we visited in Norway seemed rather quiet, Bergen was rather vibrant with plenty of activities during our stay. From visiting the outdoor fish market, wandering along the alleyways at Bryggen, to exploring the culture and history at the many museums, Bergen has plenty to offer.

We had two days to spend, so I did my research and we made sure to make the most out of our stay!

Read on for my guide to Bergen.

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