Derwent Valley Mills:A UNESCO World Heritage Site In The UK;

UK – Derwent Valley Mills

An industrial landscape of great significance, the Derwent Valley Mills served as the birthplace of the modern factory, or ‘mill’, system.

Derwent Valley Mills is a historical site located on the banks of River Derwent in Derbyshire, England. The site characterized by the 18th to 19th-century cotton mills of historical significance. The modern factory traces its origin to the Derwent Valley Mills where Richard Arkwright’s new technology of spinning cotton was put to the test. The system was adopted throughout the valley with the system spreading to other parts of the country by 1788. The new technology enhanced the production of cotton which could now be done continuously. The Arkwright’s invention and system of utilizing labor found its way To the Europe and the US. The mills cover an area of 4.7 square miles spanning to 15 miles stretch of the Derwent Valley.

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