Pictures that will make you want to travel to Ireland; Emma Deutz; INSIDER

Ireland – Skellig Michael

Ireland is not just about Guinness drafts and pubs.

Known as “The Emerald Isle,” the country lives up to its name. The green countryside offers unique natural experiences, while the cities and towns also have everything that foodies and shopaholics could desire.

So whether you stand on a cliff looking out over the Atlantic Ocean or get lost in the long hallways of old monarchic buildings, you’re bound to fall in love with this country immediately.

Here are 21 pictures that will convince you to visit Ireland:

Enjoy the breathtaking landscape of the Connemara National Park.

Located on the west coast of Ireland, the Connemara National Park offers flora and fauna covering over 5,000 acres of mountains, heaths, grasslands, and bogs.

Bring a handcrafted souvenir back home from Galway.

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