Nahanni National Park Reserve: A UNESCO World Heritage Site In Canada; WorldAtlas

Canada – Nahanni National Park

Four noteworthy canyons, a spectacular whitewater river, a gorgeous waterfall, and unique flora and fauna characterize this World Heritage Site in Canada.

The Nahanni National Park Reserve was listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1978. It began operations as a park in 1972, established to protect a part of the Mackenzie Mountains Natural Region. The park lies in the Northwest Territories of Canada near the Fort Liard, Fort Simpson, and Nahanni Butte Cities.

History Of The National Park

Historically, the area was occupied by the Dene people throughout centuries. Archaeological remains have been discovered in different sites within the park which prove this early human occupation. Another tribe, the Naha people, lived in the area for a short period. The first Europeans to arrive in the area found the Dene people leading nomadic lifestyles, and they engaged with them in the fur trade.

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