India’s Lesser Known UNESCO World Heritage Sites; Neha Dara; National Geographic

India – Khangchendzonga National Park

Look beyond the Taj Mahal to these incredible cultural and natural gems.

The striking thing about a country as vast as India is the sheer, overwhelming variety that it encompasses—of landscapes, cultures, languages, cuisines, and even UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Yet of its 35 cultural and natural heritage sites, travellers frequent only about a dozen. They miss some of India’s most outstanding wonders either because they are tucked in a little known, far-flung corner, or because they’re hiding in plain sight, in the shadow of an oft-visited attraction.

Up for a surprise? Here are seven of India’s little-known UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


This forest in Sikkim, one of India’s north-eastern states, has been included on the UNESCO World Heritage list as a place of mixed natural and cultural importance.

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