8 English Cities You Must Explore When You Visit Britain; Anuradha Goyal; Inditales

Uk – City of Bath

English Cities that take you back to history, to the characters you have read about, to musicians you adore and to chocolates that you live by. Explore Birmingham, York, Liverpool, Manchester, Oxford, Cambridge, Bath & Nottingham.

Think of England and you think of London. The visuals of London are so omnipresent that you start equating it with the country. I love London. The short time that I spent living in the country, London used to be my favorite weekend destination. I love it for its museums, for its central business district and I loved strolling past the Thames River. However, there are some charming English cities in the country that you must see – each has its own character.

8 Must Explore English Cities

Here is my list of English Cities that you must explore on your next visit.

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