Taking it slow in Luang Prabang; Melissa Zhu; Channel NewsAsia

Laos – Town of Luang Prabang

Just a few hours away from Singapore, Laos’ cultural heart is the perfect getaway with its breathtaking scenery and unhurried pace.

It’s easy to see why Luang Prabang is sometimes called the “jewel of the Mekong”.

Once the proud royal stronghold of the Land of a Million Elephants, the UNESCO World Heritage site and former French protectorate gleams like a polished pearl.

The ancient capital sits at the confluence of two great rivers, encircled by misty mountain ranges and craggy forests. Shimmering golden spires rise from its intricately-carved wats (Buddhist temples) and flowers burst in a riot of colour from the balconies of elegantly-preserved colonial French villas.

No longer a lost paradise, Luang Prabang is more like heaven found for the frazzled city-dweller.

The only landlocked country in Southeast Asia, notoriously inaccessible Laos has seen an increasing number of flights into the country.

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