Miguasha National Park: A UNESCO World Heritage Site In Quebec, Canada; WorldAtlas.com

Canada – Miguasha National Park

Famous for its wealth of fossils, the Miguasha National Park is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Canada.

Where Is The Miguasha National Park Located?

The Miguasha National Park is a paleontological site located on the Gaspé peninsula’s southern coast in south-eastern Quebec. The site is located near the Carleton-sur-Mer, the fifth biggest town in the Gaspésie’s south shore. The Miguasha National Park is recognized for its wealth of fossils which provide important information to paleontologists about the evolution of life on our planet.

History Of The Miguasha National Park

Abraham Gesner, a pioneer of the petroleum industry, medical doctor, and geologist first discovered the fossil site in 1842. The fossils found by him were transferred to the Royal Scottish Museum and the British Museum.

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