Hindu temples at Prambanan and the world’s largest Buddhist shrine reveal fascinating slice of Indonesia; Charukesi Ramadurai; The Economic Times

Indonesia – Prambanan Temple Compounds

The sun began to set and the yellow electric lights of the theatre came on at the Prambanan temple complex near Yogyakarta (locally known as “Jogja”) in Indonesia. I was there to watch the famous Ramayana ballet that takes place every night. In summer, the performance is in the open-air theatre, against the backdrop of the towering temples. But since it was cold, we had settled into the cosy indoors.

The orchestra at the back of the stage — complete with local versions of the mridangam and the harmonium — began to strum traditional tunes, signalling the start of the show. Having grown up with the epic, I was not sure what to expect, but I was looking forward to a new interpretation. As it turned out, the performance — with over 200 actors in traditional costume — was fascinating.

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