The Seven Wonder Cities Of The World; WorldAtlas

Cuba – Old Havana and its Fortification System

The selection of the New7Wonders Cities began was a global competition with more than 1200 nominees from 220 countries.

Bernard Weber, a business person in Zurich, Switzerland, is responsible for launching the New7Wonders internet poll in an attempt to identify the best cities in the world. The survey began with a list of 1,200 cities in 220 countries, however that list was narrowed down to 77 due to a one city per country restriction. A committee, headed by the former director of UNESCO, further reduced the list to 28 cities based on a specific set of criteria. The idea behind the New7Wonders was that the winning cities would best represent the accomplishments of urban civilization around the world.

In 2011, interestested internet-users were asked to cast their vote for 1 of the 28 candidates.

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