Eclipse Installation By Architecture Studio FAHR 021.3; Monika Mroz;  iGNANT

Portugal – Historic Centre of Oporto, Luiz I Bridge and Monastery of Serra do Pilar

Standing in the historic center of Porto, Portugal, the temporary installation ‘Eclipse‘ shifts the center of the city square towards it gravitational pull.

Created by architecture studio FAHR 021.3, ‘Eclipse’ celebrates the 20th anniversary of classifying the historic center of Porto as Unesco World Heritage site. The six meter diameter sphere is constructed using ventilation ducts that create a visual dialogue between undulating lines and empty spaces. Each tube allows visitors to peek and discover another point of view o the square, encouraging them to stop and consider new ways of looking at the familiar surroundings. More than that, during the day, ‘Eclipse’ reflects and spreads daylight over the square, while at night the spotlight illuminates one of its sides and keeps the opposite in darkness, highlighting the piece’s shape and striking color.

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