A Muggle’s Guide to Harry Potter’s World; Trafalgar Blog

UK – Durham Castle and Cathedral

From a shiny Hogwarts Express departing platform 9 ¾ at King’s Cross, to Hagrid’s Hut in the muted colours of Glencoe, while Harry Potter might belong to a world of fiction, most of the major landmarks in the films and inspiration for the books are inescapably and iconically British. Here, we jump on our broomsticks to see where the wizarding world of Harry Potter touches real life locations around the United Kingdom.

Durham Cathedral

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Durham Cathedral, was used repeatedly in the Harry Potter films for exterior and interior shots of the teenage wizard’s famous school, Hogwarts. Eagle-eyed fans will notice that cathedral’s quadrangle is where Harry releases Hedwig, his spirited owl, and also forms an impressive backdrop to some of the more outrageous spell-making classes.

Alnwick Castle

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