A Guide To Gaudi’s Barcelona: Five Spots You Must Not Miss; Czarina Ara Lasco; TravelersToday

Spain – Works of Antoni Gaudí

There are actually a lot of amazing architects all over the world. But in Barcelona, only one name rules them all – Antoni Gaudi. Gaudi’s architectural creations are the benchmark of the classic Spanish styles and facades. Indeed, his works are reflections of his own distinctive and remarkable artistry that is influenced by the Spanish culture, religion and tradition.

Many of Gaudi’s masterpieces are found in Barcelona, making the city the most visited tourist destination in Spain. In fact, seven of his architectural pieces are declared as UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the past decades. Here are some of the spots in Barcelona where you can find the works of Antoni Gaudi, the best known architect of Catalan Modernism.

1. Park Güell

Located in La Salut, Park Güell is a public park system that was built in 1900 and was officially opened to the public in 1926.


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