The Most Romantic Experiences to Make Time for This Valentine’s Day; The Column from Trafalgar

Sri Lanka – Ancient City of Sigiriya

Whether busy at work, visiting family, going out with friends or simply working our way through to-do lists, so much of life makes big demands on our time, often taking us away from loved-ones. This Valentine’s Day, why not make quality time your top priority and whisk your partner away on an amorous retreat? Here are seven of our most romantic experiences to indulge in with that special someone.

Walk Along the Seine, Paris

Feast on duck rillettes, lapin à la bourguignonne or pineapple tatin at one of Paris’ riverside restaurants, before taking a romantic stroll along the River Seine on the Paris Explorer trip. Here, starry-eyed lovers encounter the sort of gardens, palaces, parks and enchanting bookshops that provide innumerable chances to enjoy a magical moment together.

Relish Mozart or Dance to Strauss, Vienna

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