Sadly, UNESCO Label Won’t Save These 2 Indian World Heritage Sites; Shalini Iyengar; The Quaint

India – Keoladeo National Park

Last week, a study warned that human activity is severely damaging over a 100 UNESCO Natural World Heritage Sites around the globe.

What’s worrying is that two Indian sites – Assam’s Manas National Park and Keoladeo National Park in Rajasthan – have been listed among those that are especially threatened.

What is a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site?

To be listed as a Natural World Heritage Site, a location must be of be of “outstanding universal value”. It must also meet criteria ranging from natural beauty to ecological significance.

There are four selection requirements to be listed as a Natural World Heritage:

  • It must have “superlative natural phenomena” or places of “exceptional natural beauty and aesthetic importance”
  • It is an “outstanding example” of “major stages of earth’s history”
  • It represents important and ongoing processes in the creation and development of ecosystems

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