10 Awesome Must-See Attractions in Israel & Palestine; Dominic Low; Tripzilla

Israel – Bahá’i Holy Places in Haifa and the Western Galilee

Banish your perception that the Levant region is just all rocks and sand with these 10 breathtaking attractions in Israel & Palestine.

Try this experiment: tell your loved ones that you are going to Israel. Watch as at least half of them shriek and demand the reason for your apparent insanity. Then watch the other half provide general suggestions to “stay safe” and recommend travel insurance policies.

Contrary to popular belief, travel to and around Israel & the West Bank is generally safe, especially for tourists. Frequent flights from various cities, including Bangkok, to Israel can attest to that. It is also a myth that the region is all desert and grim solders. Wondrous cities, lush forests and beautiful coasts are aplenty.

One of TripZilla’s writers, Dominic Low, spent four months in both Israel & Palestine, and absolutely loved his time there.

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