2017 B Travel: Bogota, Brasilia, Or Buenos Aires?; FG Dullin; TravelersToday

Brazil – Brasilia

While a B-list often connotes adjectives like ‘substandard’ or ‘subpar,’ one can always consider the notion as a gesture of defiance against popular opinion. Hence, the B-list for Western travelers may point the direction at South America – a region that is often misunderstood by the mainstream perspective. A literal take on one’s B-list is not a bad idea when choosing a Latin American destination. Here are the top 3 capitals worth exploring:


Tourists who travel to Colombia stop by at Bogota, but oftentimes they rarely leave for another city. Those who visit Bogota never fail to notice the charm of a high-altitude municipality whose infrastructure is highly reminiscent of its Spanish heritage. Bogota resembles the archaic layout of old Spanish and Italian cities, though it fosters a less boisterous atmosphere.

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