Impossible to forget the Alamo; Patricia Job; Postmedia

USA – San Antonio Missions

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — We walk to the Alamo on a beautiful not-yet-hot Texas morning. Stepping out of our hotel, the Valencia Riverwalk, onto historic E. Houston St., we admire the old-world elegance of the Majestic and Empire theatres, an ornate western museum, a hip coffee shop (Sip), and a Starbucks, of course, before turning right at Alamo Plaza.

And there, in all its poignant glory, is the legendary Alamo.

We stand right where Davy Crockett joined that unwinnable battle for Texas liberty in 1836. Yes, that Davy — Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier.

American folk hero

The American folk hero is the best known of the Alamo defenders, and at age 49, was one of the oldest.

Two others, though, also fought their way into the history books: James Bowie (known for his distinctive knife) and William B. Travis, who was just 26.

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