Cuba is Cool; and Hot too; Sasi Kumar; Mathrubhumi

Cuba – San Pedro De La Roca Castle, Santiago de Cuba

As our ship slowly navigated through the Havana Bay towards the port,the sun was just coming up from the Atlantic Ocean. It was the crack of dawn; puffy white clouds in the sky had a crimson tint on the edgesfrom the rising sun. The gentle breeze was a bit soothing yet it was hot and humid. Many of us with cameras were on the upper deck to watch the ship’s approach to the harbor. As the skyline became clearer, I was pleasantly surprised by the number of skyscrapers, and other buildings painted with bright colors: some old, historic, and yet others revealed neglect.

The waters in the inlet and the bay were calm, clear, and reflected the blue sky. Gentle waves with white peaks welcomed us along with a few people on the shore.

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