Chaotic Coexistence: 10 Volcano Tours Around The World; Brenda; Trip101

Tanzania – Kilimanjaro National Park

For as long as history has dictated, water bodies have been deemed the cradle of civilisation. Navigation, irrigation, sustenance, agriculture and, in modern times, electricity… But what about fire?

From Prometheus to Maui, legends and lore have written of audacious heroes; tricksters turn benefactors who let the warmth of flames fall into human hands. Fire is the saviour of humankind – as the only species on Earth who knows how to utilise its energy, we are thus rewarded with its benefits, from being able to cook to staying alive in harsh winters. Even beyond the narratives of mythology, humanity has long overlooked the blessing of fire and another cradle of wealth: volcanoes.

Since time immemorial, volcanoes have been a muse to religion and the arts.

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