Video cameras installed in Dubrovnik’s Old Town; Anna Tyler; Lonely Planet

Croatia – Old City of Dubrovnik

Surveillance video cameras have been installed at each of the five entrances to Dubrovnik’s Old Town, so that authorities can keep track of how many people enter the popular historic walled-town area.

Unesco has recommended that there should be no more than 8000 people at any one time in Dubrovnik’s Old Town, which has been on the Unesco World Heritage list since 1979. According to the city’s mayor Andro Vlahušić, ‘it is estimated that more than 8000 people in the Old City is too dangerous, and when that number of visitors is reached we will take measures to divert traffic.’ The million-kuna crowd project to keep visitor numbers under control is called ‘Forget the crowds, respect the rules and information’.

As long as there are fewer than 6000 people in the walled Old Town, visitors are free to come and go as they please.

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