Hadrian’s Wall: Who built it and why was it so important?; The Week UK

UK of Great Britain & Northern Ireland – Frontiers of the Roman Empire

Famous Roman ruin celebrates 30 years as Unesco World Heritage Site.

For nearly 300 years, Hadrian’s Wall marked the north-west frontier of the Roman empire.

Dating back to at least 122AD, when emperor Hadrian visited the British Isles, the wall this year celebrates its 30th anniversary as a Unesco World Heritage Site.

Here’s what you need to know about its history.

Who was Hadrian?

Hadrian ruled the Roman Empire from 117AD-138AD, inheriting control of a civilisation in its prime which had thrived on a policy of endless expansion and conquest.

Known as the “‘people’s king’ because he travelled with his troops and ate the same rations”, says The Independent, he “laid the foundations of the Byzantine Empire and changed the name of Judea to create Palestine, among other legacies”.

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