Ancient Mystery Of ‘Sacsayhuamán’; Fortress Built Like A Jigsaw Puzzle With Enormous Stones; Jezreel Smith; TravelersToday

Peru – City of Cuzco

Sacsayhuamán a fortress located in the City of Cuzco is a work of ancient civilization and was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage in 1983. The fortress is built with the use of big stones that is patterned and designed as an authentic, classic and wonderful riprap.

According to National Geographic, the ancient accomplishment of Sacsayhuamán gives a wonderful surprise to everyone knowing that Inca during the old times is very simple. Sacsayhuamán is a proof that Inca has a deep imagination and a gift of artistry. If fact, similar intricate walls of the fortress are also seen throughout the Inca Empire.

Furthermore as supported by Ancient Wisdom, the City of Cuzco where the fortress is located was known similar to the shape of a Jaguar. Sacsayhuamán thus was regarded to represent the ‘Teeth of the Jaguar’.

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