Horyuji Temple in Nara is Home to an Ancient Pagoda; Alejandro; FAST JAPAN

Japan – Buddhist Monuments in the Horyu-ji Area

Horyuji Temple in Nara is a historically rich temple that was constructed for Prince Shotoku. With many UNESCO World Heritage Sites and artifacts, this is a must visit spot.

Horyuji Temple is home to the world’s oldest surviving wooden structures. They date back to more than 1,300 years ago, during the Asuka Period (552-645). Founded by Prince Shotoku in 607, Horyuji Temple suffered a fire in 670, but was rebuilt afterwards. It is considered the cradle of Japanese Buddhism, and holds ancient treasures. Horyuiji Temple is considered to be one of the “Big three” temple to see in Nara, along with Todaiji Temple, and Kofukuji Temple.

Horyuji Temple grounds cover a large area. It spans just about one km wide.The temple area is split into two areas. One being the Western Precinct, which contains the Chumon (Central gate), Kondo (main hall), and the five-story Pagoda.

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