Gagron is not a water but hill fort, claims 15th century inscription; NYOOOZ

Summary: EditedUdaipur: Contrary to the popular belief which holds famous Gagron fort in Jhalawar as a water fort, a famous stone inscription of 15th century describes it as a hill fort. However, the recent revelation comes from a more than 500-year-old stone inscription ‘Kumbhalgarh Prashasti’ installed during the reign of Maharana Kumbha at Kumbhalgarh fort. In the fourth inscription, Gagron fort has been referred as ‘Gangrat’ that Kumbha had won during one of his military expeditions along with Bundi,” claims Sri Krishna Jugnu, author of many books on the history of Rajasthan. “Kumbalgarh Prashasti was built by Maharana Kumbha on November 3, 1460 AD. Gagron is one among six iconic forts in the state featuring in Unesco’s World Heritage Sites.

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