2 Days In Bern: A Capital Idea; Linda Fasteson; The Sun Chronicle

Switzerland – Old City of Berne

Our adventure in Switzerland included Bern, the casual and laid-back capital. The fed-eral government is headquartered in this a UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of Europe’s finest medieval towns,.

Many wonder why Bern was chosen as capital, or the federal city, as the Swiss call it, over the larger and more populous Zurich or Geneva. Bern, in the west-central part of the country is more centrally located and had a powerful history.

In the 18th century Bern’s patrician government controlled 52 territories and Bern became the capital of the Swiss Confederation in 1848.

It was founded in 1191 by Berthold V, Duke of Zähringenon, on a peninsula formed by a loop in the Aare River. Legend has it that the duke named it for the first animal he killed in the woods.

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