Centuries Old Glorious Architectures of Ethiopia; Eden Sahle; Africa Business

Ethiopia – Fasil Ghebbi, Gondar Region

If you are someone who is fond of history and glorious old architecture, Ethiopia has beautiful spots that will delight all your expectations. From palaces to obelisks and rock hewn churches it has an amazing ancient architecture. Checkout the beauty of the outstanding architectures of Ethiopia and the exquisite churches.

Ethiopia has several destinations which have breathtaking spots that attract tourists from all corners of the world.  Historical sights, wildlife’s and other sceneries are abundant.  Jumia Travel highlighted the best part of Ethiopia that will make your vacation to Ethiopia one of a kind.


Ethiopian architectures are spectacular. The famous rock hewn Lalibela churches are a significant place of pilgrimage and pride being the Ethiopian iconic structures. The UNESCO registered global heritage is the most outstanding design ever built in the country.

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