New Zealand

The sub-Antarctic islands are home to strange ‘megaherbs’; Yao-Hua Law; BBC

New Zealand – New Zealand Sub-Antarctic Islands

On New Zealand’s Campbell Island near Antarctica, some plants grow surprisingly large despite the inhospitable conditions. We may finally know how they do it.

For many people, New Zealand is an exotic destination in a far corner of the world. For New Zealanders, of course, it is just home. But even the locals have to travel a surprisingly long way to reach the most remote part of the country. In fact, they have to sail south of the mainland for 600km.

At the end of a journey that can take almost three days, you would reach New Zealand’s most southerly territory: Campbell Island.

Campbell Island received Unesco World Heritage Site status in 1998 for its unique biodiversity, but nobody is offering tour packages. Perhaps it is because the long journey seems hardly worth it.

The island is cold, wet and windy.

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