Syria conflict: What’s happening in Aleppo?; CBBC Newsround

Syria – Ancient City of Aleppo

Aleppo is a city in the country of Syria, in the Middle East.

The country is in the middle of a civil war that has been going on for over five years.

It is being fought between soldiers who support the president of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, and a group of fighters known as rebels, who don’t want him to be in power anymore.

You can find out more about why the war in Syria started and how it has developed with Newsround’s guide.

But why is the Syrian city of Aleppo in particular so important?

Aleppo before the war

Aleppo used to be Syria’s largest city, with about 2.3 million people living there.

It was also the country’s main place for industry and finance, so it was important to the economy.

The old city in Aleppo is actually a Unesco World Heritage site.

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