5 Indian Heritage Clusters every architecture student must travel for ultimate exposure; Shreya Banerjee; Tripoto

India – Fatehpur Sikri

Real life learning experiences are always special.It gives a depth to our knowledge and clarity to our perception. And when the learning comes with a package of surprise, it becomes a memory forever.That is why its important to witness the process of evolution. What makes this ‘process of evolution’ a smooth affair ?? The answer is History.

When the context of history comes, India stands strong. Its evolution of architecture through the ages can drop your jaw, make you wonder with surprise and create an eternal impression. Different heritage clusters in India show craftsmanship, techniques and socio-cultural blend at its best.

My own experience as an architecture student emphasizes the justification even more. So all the architecture folks out there, what’s the wait for ?? pack you bags, take sketchbook and camera and start to explore…

1. Ajanta Ellora

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