Sukur Villages, Terraces, Iron Furnaces, and Hidi’s Palace In Nigeria;

Nigeria – Sukur Cultural Landscape

The terraced hills, ironworks, and well-planned infrastructure of Sukur bear testament of an advanced traditional society in Nigeria.

The terraced hills, iron-works, and well-planned layouts of Sukur reveal the existence of an advanced traditional society in Nigeria. The Sukur Cultural Landscape became Nigeria’s first United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage site, inscribed as such in 1999. The site has survived multiple centuries, and it is one of the most elaborate testaments to the country’s cultural heritage.

5. Description and History –

The Sukur settlement thrived in the 17th Century due to iron smelting expertise, its lucrative trade transactions, and its strong political and spiritual institutions. The Dur dynasty facilitated the growth of Sukur by establishing the region as a primary source of iron in northeastern Nigeria. The settlement declined after several invasions, and it was spared from damage during British colonization.

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