Republic of Korea

Baekje kingdom’s rich culture to be revisited in exhibition; Woo Jae-Yeon; Yonhap

Republic of Korea – Baekje Historic Areas

Among many ancient kingdoms that came and went during the 5,000 years of Korean history, Baekje is one of the most culturally rich, with its influence spreading far beyond its borders.

In the new exhibition “Baekje Historic Areas of World Heritage” that is to open Tuesday, the National Museum of Korea will showcase historic relics and cultural heritage uncovered from sites where the former kingdom was located. It is also to mark the one year anniversary of the Baekje Historic Areas being listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in July last year. The Baekje areas are the 12th historic areas to be recognized by the U.N. agency.

The exhibition is the first since the museum opened a similar event in 1999 focusing on the kingdom’s unique culture and history that hold universal value, according to the museum.

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