Paisaje Cultural Cafetero: Wax palms with Colombia coffee; Richard Emblin; The City Paper Bogotá

Colombia – Coffee Cultural Landscape of Colombia

Our minivan clocks up the kilometers as we head towards one of Colombia’s most majestic gardens, the Valle del Cocora, on an undulating super highway called the Autopista del Café. Flanked by the mist-covered foothills of the Central Cordillera and green verdant fields, we are barely beyond the city limits of one of Colombia’s coffee capitals, Armenia, en route to Pereira, when the scenery turns exuberant with bamboo groves dipping into every curve and wax palms swaying in the faint morning light. The journey is matched by our first destination: the Valley of Cocora, home to so many 100-year- old wax palms that, wherever you look, you feel humbled by the magnificence of Colombia’s national tree, a towering, silent guardian watching over one of this country’s great natural wonders.

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