A Brief Introduction to UK World Heritage Sites; Henry Owen-John; Heritage Calling

UK of Great Britain and Northern Ireland – Durham Castle and Cathedral

This week is the 30th anniversary of the meeting of UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee, which inscribed the first seven sites in the UK on the World Heritage List.

The additions adhered to the agreement made by member states of UNESCO in 1972, (called the World Heritage Convention) which had an inspiring concept at its heart:

There are some places of outstanding universal value to all humanity, for whose protection it is the duty of the international community as a whole to co-operate.

Such places can display natural or cultural values or a mixture of the two.

The first seven UK sites are fantastically diverse. The dramatic geology of the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland has inspired legendary tales of giants striding over the sea to Scotland and has been a celebrated visitor attraction for over 300 years.

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