How Hadrian’s Wall was built – and why it stands as a cultural landmark; Simon Meechan; Chronicle Live

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland – Frontiers of the Roman Empire

The Romans came, saw and conquered – and left the North East with a world heritage site as a present.

Hadrian’s Wall marks the North-West limit of the Roman Empire which ruled over England for hundreds of years.

Nowadays, its coast-to-coast route is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which brings scores of tourists to the North East and Cumbria.

It’s testament to the Romans that much of the wall can still be seen today. Foundations for its forts are still intact almost two millenniums after Hadrian first had the idea to put a barrier between Britannia and Barbaria.

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was its famous English wall.

Frances McIntosh is a curator of Roman Collections for English Heritage.

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