The 8 Best Scuba Diving Sites in South America; Etoile Smulders; The Adventure Junkies

Brazil – Brazilian Atlantic Islands: Fernando de Noronho and Atol das Rocas Reserves

Want to experience some of the best diving the world has to offer? South America is home to an incredible variety of scuba diving – from frigid cold waters filled with whales to tropical reefs and submerged volcanic ridges. This paired with a vibrant culture and some jaw-dropping terrain makes South America a must on any scuba diver’s bucket list. Whether you’re a beginner diver or an experienced diver looking for a challenge, South America has something for everyone. This post is here to share with you some of the best scuba diving sites in South America.



1. Malpelo Island

2. Galápagos Islands

3. Fernando de Noronha

4. Peninsula Valdes

5. Abrolhos Marine Park

6. Easter Island

7. Los Roques

8. Providencia


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