Angel Falls, the World’s Highest Waterfall: Vaulting in Venezuela on the Looney Front, Part 1; Mike Arkus; The Huffington Post

Not only did American aviator Jimmie Angel not fear to tread here, he actually crashed his plane right on top. Or rather its wheels got stuck into the marshy ground – and ever since his name has stuck to the world’s tallest waterfall, 3,212 feet (979 metres) up in the Venezuelan jungle, with the longest uninterrupted drop, 2,648 feet (807 metres).

Angel wasn’t even the first person to boldly go where no man has gone before. He’d flown over it four years earlier, in 1933, after being told about it by Spaniard Felix Cardona. Cardona got there in 1927, the first Westerner credited to have done so, though others believe early Spanish explorers probably nosed him out by a few hundred years.

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