Scientists find evidence of mythical Chandrabhaga river near Konark Temple; PTI

India – Sun Temple, Konârak

Scientists have found evidence of the mythical Chandrabhaga river near the UNESCO world heritage site of Konark Sun Temple in Odisha. A team of geologists and social scientists from IIT Kharagpur recently undertook a scientific study to investigate whether the ancient river existed close to the 13th century temple built by King Narasimhadeva. The scientists used various satellite images and then validated it with other field data to identify and trace the channel of the river which is believed to have gone extinct.

“An aerial examination of the area through satellite imagery depicts the trail of a lost river which is otherwise difficult to identify in the field,” said geophysics professor William Kumar Mohanty.

The existence of a palaeochannel at some locations is further corroborated through shallow surface geophysics using ground penetrating radar.


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