UNESCO World Heritage Sites In Portugal; World Atlas

Portugal’s devout Christian past is evidenced by the many places of worship on the list from the country. Laurisilva, meanwhile, is one of the largest laurel forests on earth.

Portugal is a unitary semi-presidential state located in the southwestern parts of Europe. It borders the Atlantic Ocean to the west. The capital of the country is at Lisbon which is also the largest city. Portuguese is the official language while Mirandese is a recognized regional language. The Portuguese are the predominant ethnic group in the country making up 96.3% of the country’s total population. The country has its public cultural facilities. It has fifteen UNESCO word heritage sites making it 17th in the world according to the number of sites.

UNESCO world heritage sites in Portugal

Alcobac Monastery

The Alcobac Monastery a medieval Catholic monastery located in Alcobaca municipality.

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