India’s oldest university is slowly coming back to life; YUJI KURONUMA; Nikkei Asian Review

India – Archaeological Site of Nalanda Mahavihara (Nalanda University) at Nalanda, Bihar

NEW DELHI — A revival is underway at Nalanda, site of one of the oldest centers of learning in the world, which flourished in India between the fifth and 12th centuries.

The initiative began slowly and quietly, with the new Nalanda University opening its doors to the first batch of 15 students in 2014. It remains small, with the current third class of students bringing the total number to around 150. However, in keeping with the tradition of the original university of ancient times, Nalanda is working to establish itself as a seat of learning for students from across Asia. Located near the remains of the original university town, it aims to become an leading center of interdisciplinary learning.

 Nalanda is a three-hour car ride from Patna, capital of the eastern state of Bihar, one of the poorest in India.

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