Signal Hill will be a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Seamus O’Regan promises; Ryan Cooke; CBC

Canada’s nomination list open to public submissions for first time in 12 years

Seamus O’Regan has made it his mission to get Signal Hill designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Speaking to a crowd at Memorial University during a funding announcement on Friday, the MP for St. John’s South-Mount Pearl gave an impassioned speech on what Signal Hill means to him.

“I never take [it] for granted,” he said. “One of the most beautiful walks around the ocean anywhere in the world, I’d venture.”

Most people don’t realize the historic site has not been designated by UNESCO, O’Regan said. It was something he pointed out to Justin Trudeau, while walking the hill in August. He’s also taken it to the environment, heritage and innovation ministers.

“They all love the idea.”

First, Signal Hill will need to land on the national tentative nominee list, submitted by each country annually to UNESCO. O’Regan said he is in the process of getting Signal Hill “at the top of that list.”

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