Is the Rebuilt Stari Most the World’s Most Beautiful Bridge?; William O’Connor; Daily Beast

Bosnia And Herzegovina – Old Bridge Area of the Old City of Mostar

The gravity defying stone bridge binds the two sides of a city whose story begins with its construction by a student of ‘the Michelangelo of Ottoman architecture.’

Drenched in sweat, holding onto a rock as the icy aquamarine waters of the Neretva River swirl dangerously past, I stare up at the bridge for the moment I’ve been waiting for all day: Somebody is going to jump.

The crowd yells, and in the span of three seconds one of the divers plummets 80 feet into the river below, before emerging safely.

The bridge is none other than the Stari Most, the iconic gravity-defying stone bridge whose existence spoke to the ingenuity and talent of Ottoman design and engineering, and whose destruction in 1993 came to symbolize the wanton horror of the Balkan Wars. 

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